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Recycled Fishnet Gloves

Recycled Fishnet Gloves

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Product Description

Protect your hands and fingers when running errands with the SuperGlove. Made from recycled fishnets, this Nylon blend is a stretchy fabric that is hyper-resistant, thin, soft and breathable. 

SuperGloves fit like second skin and feel luxurious, while allowing comfortable free finger movement as you pick vegetables, grab groceries or open doors. Once you are done with your errands “wash your hands” while wearing the gloves, with soap & water. Gloves can be dried quickly using a hair-dryer, or left to dry on a rack.

Dimensions: approx 9.5”-10.5” x 5” 

Size: Available in 2 sizes: S/M and L/XL, elasticity of +/- 15%

Product Features

Fabric is a single-layer of polyamide (Nylon) blend of 78% polyamide and 22% elastane material.

Gloves are hand-washable with soap & warm water, machine-washable (40 deg Celcius) on a regular cycle and can be air-dried.


Product Benefits





Recycled Fishnets

Made by Newcomers in Canada



Please use the SuperGloves responsibly. Wash the gloves in soap & warm water. Always wash your hands even after washing the gloves.

If you are working in a medical environment you need to wear medical grade protective gloves. Thawrih does not take any responsibility for the misuse, mis-handling or non-diligence of any of its products.

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