Pronounced TH-ow-rē (sorry with a lisp- thorry!)

Meaning "My Revolution" in Arabic 


With the vision of creating Unity Through Fitness, Thawrih was launched by two university students looking to make an impact in the world. In just a few months, this small startup began making headlines and grew immensely. Our growth comes from dedication to designing high quality, effective and innovative headgear/active wear. 

With a combination of style and durability, our products are hand-made with high quality material to ensure that our customers receive reliable products that they can sweat in.



We are proud of our diverse background and stand to be a brand for EVERYbody. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident while doing physical activity. 


Ethos + Sustainability

The world is changing and as we learn more about business ethics and sustainability for a positive future, Thawrih aims to be the pioneer in the athletic wear industry.  

 Designed and made in Canada, we are a proud employer of refugee newcomers. Moving to a more sustainable future, we are committed to cleaning our oceans, and using recycled fabrics whenever possible. We have implemented recycled content labels, plantable seed tags, and compostable recycled/reusable poly bags. 



Thawrih's co-founder, Sarah, studied economics in her undergrad at the University of Ottawa and started two non-profits while a student; both aimed at refugee settlement. She learned the biggest struggle personally and economically  is employment barriers for newly landed refugees. From day one, Thawrih's co-founders made it their mission to provide valuable work to our employees enabling newcomers to enter the labor force, integrate into their communities, provide for their families, and stimulate the local economy.  Every purchase empowers a newcomer by providing confidence aiding in overcoming job related obstacles that many face.