SportsMask Adjustable Elastic

This double-layered mask is designed for all face shapes and sizes. The elastic loops are made of stretchable supplex that are untied when you purchase them, allowing you the freedom to size them to your face for your ideal fit and comfort. The 100% polyester material is breathable and ideal for those who prefer more free air-circulation. The material follows the suggested guidelines of Health Canada for homemade masks (being double-layer, synthetic polyester).

Tying the loops is simple and our video here can show you how to do it in a minute. These masks come in an assortment of colours that is constantly updated.

Social Cause

We support all cultures and newcomers. Multicultural, inclusive and modest sportswear.

Made by Newcomers in CANADA 🇨🇦

All our products are handmade in Ottawa, Canada by newcomers to provide  opportunity and Employment. Every purchase empowers newcomers by providing experience and confidence aiding in overcoming job related obstacles many newcomers face. This initiative enables newcomer women to enter the labour force, provide for their families, and also aids with the integration process of newcomer families into Canadian society.