Social Cause

Made by Newcomers in CANADA 🇨🇦

All our products are handmade in Ottawa, Canada by newcomers to provide  opportunity and Employment. Every purchase empowers newcomers by providing experience and confidence aiding in overcoming job related obstacles many newcomers face. This initiative enables newcomer women to enter the labour force, provide for their families, and also aids with the integration process of newcomer families into Canadian society.


The First EVER Sports Turban

Feel fresh, cool, and dry in The First Ever Sports Turban. Customizable length starting at 3 Meters of light, breathable and durable Quick-Dry technology for your convenience. Engineered to give you optimal performance during any physical activity, including swimming

Style Specific Multi Purpose Sports

 Everyone has their own style and preference, that's why we have different styles to match you:

Your Revolution- Designed for style and comfort and all physical activities including swimming.

FreeWrap- The Stylish Sports Hijab that enables you to wrap it how you'd like for all your physical activities including swimming.

The Sports Hijab 2.0- Quick and Convenient for intense activity including swimming.

Two Piece - Two piece Organic Bamboo Lifestyle Hijab, meant for more casual and low intensity workouts.

Everyday Bamboo Jersey  - The Everyday Organic Bamboo Lifestyle Hijab, meant for your everyday activities and  more casual or low intensity workouts.

The Future

We love being multicultural and bringing all religions and ethnicities together through fitness. We will be adding to our uniqueness and including activewear to serve more cultures and religions. 


The Thawrih's sports turban has enhanced my workouts. After workouts my hair used to get really sweaty and itchy. Now, with the sports turban my hair stays dry and no smell. Life changing!


The 2.0 sports hijab has been my go to hijab when I play sports or go for a run. The built in headband keeps everything in place and it doesn't slip. I wear the two piece for yoga and hikes, its so soft. Thawrih has the only sports hijabs I trust. Plus they're made by newcomers giving them employment, its a win win!