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Who We Are

Thawrih... A word that stems from the definition of rapid and positive change. Our mission, to revolutionize activewear for those that have religious and cultural obligations and to make sports accessible to all. We locally manufacture all our head gear as well as inclusive activewear. Our goal is to provide those an opportunity for a stable income who would otherwise not have them. All our head gear is handmade by our Syrian newcomer partners and we are actively searching for new communities to partner with. At Thawrih we believe that when our products are made by happy well satisfied producers, that love shows in our products creating happy and satisfied returning customers. Thawrih is  proud to say that the environment is one of our top priorities. We are constantly innovating our business model to produce a zero waste local manufacturing process and reduce greenhouse emissions to conserve our home we call earth. 

Thawrih revolutionize the world

Thawrih Sports Hijab

Sports Hijab 2.0

Turbans, Sports Turbans, Summer Turbans, Activewear, Shopping

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Turbans, Sports Turbans, Buy Turbans, Activewear, Shopping

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