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  • Ethical, Inclusive, and Innovative #OWNYOURSKIN


  • Subtle stylish Sports Hijabs made responsibly for Gym to Swim accessibility with an athleisure comfort fit built-in headband

Thawrih’s Mission


We are proud of our diverse background and stand to be a brand for EVERYbody. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin while doing physical activity. 


Ethos + Sustainability

The world is changing and as we learn more about business ethics and sustainability for a positive future, Thawrih aims to be the pioneer in the athletic wear industry.  

Designed in Canada, we are a proud employer of refugee newcomers. Moving to a more sustainable future, we are committed to cleaning our oceans, and using recycled fabrics whenever possible. We have implemented recycled content labels, plantable seed tags, and compostable recycled/reusable poly bags. 


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