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The concept of Thawrih was founded on the premise that fitness should be inclusive and available for everyone. That is why we created our unique inclusive apparel. The founders of Thawrih, Sami & Sarah, met through fitness and believe that knowledge should be shared. Over the course of 10+ years they have been going to the gym and learning new methods, concepts and workouts to better their health and overall physique. They have tried, tested and challenged all workout routines, diets, and exercises in the process. Based on their experience and knowledge, they put together multiple workout plans for various levels of experience. Everyone, and everybody is different and a general plan may not fit your needs or constraints.

Linked below is a FREE beginner workout plan, made for those who are familiar with the gym but have never followed a workout plan before and may not have the proper form or experience to start with more experienced exercises.

FREE Beginner Workout Plan

Lower Body Video Tutorial

Upper Body Video Tutorial

Everyone has different goals and one plan may not fit your needs, so we have customized plans available for purchase below. Each plan includes a 20 minute Zoom or Google Meets call with a personal trainer and a customized workout plan. We are also offering a month long full access 1 on 1 fitness coaching. Please see product for more details.