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Adjustable ActiveMask (Pack of 2 Masks)

Adjustable ActiveMask (Pack of 2 Masks)

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This mask is perfect for summers! Made from a nylon blend, the fabric is light-weight and breathable, with natural germ resistant properties. It allows you to bike, walk, and enjoy the outdoors while providing essential comfort and protection.

Elastic loops are adjustable to your personal liking. Masks ship with loops untied so that you can adjust them. 


Dimensions: approx. 14” x 4.5

Size: Masks with elastic ear loops are stretchable and fit head-nose circumferences between 22” - 24”.


Product Features

Double-layer of highly wickable anti-microbial material.

Mask are machine-washable on regular cycle, and air dried.

Made with: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex 

Each pack contains 2 masks

Product Benefits




The mask is double-layered with a soft breathable nylon blend. The material follows the suggested guidelines of Health Canada for homemade masks (being double-layer, synthetic polyamide blends).

This mask comes in 1 size with adjustable ear loops


Post-production, each mask is sanitized in a 3-hour hot water wash setting, and then sprayed with an alcohol-based rose-water fabric cleanser. If you have sensitivities to smells please advise us in the notes and we will not spray them. 



Please use the ActiveMask responsibly. Do not wear a ActiveMask if you are sick, at high-risk, showing flu symptoms, work in a medical environment, or have recently returned from abroad. If you do meet any of these criteria, you need to wear a medical-grade face-mask. Thawrih does not take any responsibility for the misuse, mis-handling or non-diligence of its ActiveMask. 


Be Safe. Stay Safe. #FlattenTheCurve

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