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Petite Recycled SportsMask (Pack of 2 Masks)

Petite Recycled SportsMask (Pack of 2 Masks)

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Product Description

The mask provides complete coverage of the nostrils and mouth and fits snugly on the contours of the face; cheekbones & chin, while allowing the air-flow to circulate comfortably.

Dimensions: approx 12” x 3”

Size: Masks with ear loops are stretchable and fit head-nose circumferences between 19.5” - 22”.

Product Features

Double-layered: One layer made from the recycled fishnets (88% nylon/12% elastane) on one-side, and (100%) soft breathable  polyester on the other side


Masks are reversible-use.


Mask are machine-washable on regular cycle, and can be machine or air dried.

Product Benefits

Recycled Material 





Made by Newcomers in Canada

Post-production, each mask is sanitized in a 3-hour hot water wash setting, and then sprayed with an alcohol-based rose-water fabric cleanser. If you have sensitivities to smells please advise us in the notes and we will not spray them. 

Please use the SportsMask responsibly. Do not wear a SportsMask if you are sick, at high-risk, showing flu symptoms, work in a medical environment, or have recently returned from abroad. If you do meet any of these criteria, you need to wear a medical-grade face-mask. Thawrih does not take any responsibility for the misuse, mis-handling or non-diligence of its SportsMask. 

Be Safe. Stay Safe. #FlattenTheCurve

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